Scale 360 PH

Mobilizing action for a circular Philippines

Scale360° Philippines aims to jumpstart action for the Circular Economy. We start by tackling the issues of these four pillars through grassroots initiatives: Plastic Waste, Fashion, Food Waste, and Electronic Waste.

Mapping and connecting a circular value chain in Fashion

Scale360° Philippines aids local brands in reassessing their supply chain through the circular lens by mapping out organizations in the circular value chain and also helps customers identify who they can support in the space.

From Tapon to Tanim: Sustaining an urban garden using food waste from Sugbo Mercado Food Market

Scale 360 Philippines partners with Sugbo Mercado to collect food waste for vermicomposting. Composts are used to fertilize an urban garden in the area to supply merchants and provide consumers with produce.

Making E-Waste disposal easy, convenient, and hassle-free

Scale360° Philippines aims to connect consumers, retailers, LGUs, and environmental offices through a comprehensive Directory of e-waste Drop-off Points and by installing additional drop-off bins for safe disposal.

Educating communities on plastic waste

Scale360° Philippines features workshops and a community-driven campaign on segregation, disposal, and recycling, fostering the creation of a circular ecosystem for plastic.