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The Rise of Re-commerce

How CompAsia is Changing the Used Smartphone Market

In Numbers


  • 2 million devices transacted to date
  • 32-step quality check
  • 2500% growth of Malaysia e-store over the pandemic



At a time when consumers are looking for ways to be more sustainable, mobile gadgets resale platform, CompAsia, has emerged as a solution to smart device ownership. The company has made it their mission to transform the way we view second-hand devices by maximizing affordability and minimizing e-waste. With a vision of a cleaner and well-connected tomorrow, CompAsia is changing the perception of pre-owned devices in Southeast Asia.

The secret to CompAsia's success is their 32-step quality check. Unlike most second-hand phone dealers, CompAsia's technicians are specifically trained in device quality control, ensuring that every device sold meets a minimum standard of functionality. The 32-step quality check covers everything from the device's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to its battery charging and fingerprint scanner. In the end, CompAsia does not only ensure device functionality, but even assigns cosmetic grading to ensure aesthetic appearance is satisfactory.

In response to the growing "re-commerce" movement, CompAsia has opened new e-stores in Singapore and Thailand in the past year. Over the pandemic, the company's e-store in Malaysia has seen a 2500% growth in business. CompAsia has transacted over 2 million devices to date, changing customers' mindsets in buying second-hand gadgets. When buying on a re-commerce site, customers are not only extending the lifespan of an item, but they are also reducing waste and contributing to a healthier planet.

CompAsia is proof that there is a demand for second-hand items. With a promise of high-quality products at affordable prices, CompAsia has established itself as a leading second-hand phone store in Southeast Asia. Established in 2012, the company operates in nine markets and continues to grow. Visit CompAsia's e-store to see what's available and experience what a superior second-hand phone is like.